Magic Landscapes



The fantastic-realistic oil paintings of Michael Kraehmer

At the first glance, the oil paintings of Michael Kraehmer may appear to be photographs. However, they are not reproductions of visual reality, but reflect meditative visions of the artist. Not the geographic location of a landscape is of relevance to him, but it's atmosphere, it's spiritual effect on the spectator. Thus, the paintings actually depict spiritual landscapes which are expressions of mental experiences.

The paintings invite you to expose yourself to their cosmic silence and to lose yourself into their magic realm. Our perception is intrigued to enter infinite imaginary worlds, where sometimes the doors of perception open beyond the horizon, to reveal even further light-flooded transcendental spheres.

The pictures are painted in the resin-oil technique of the Old Masters. Up to ten delicate, transparent layers of paint are applied one above the other, to create that three-dimensional luminiscence. It takes up to a month to finish one painting.

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